Update Listing Button on toolbar?


I can’t seem to find anything in the online manual, or in this forum about the button on the toolbar that looks like an incomplete circle with an arrow on the end. When you hover over the button it says “update listing”. I assumed this would get the latest version of the listing from eBay, but when I press it, it doesn’t seem to do anything? Is anyone able to let me know what the button does?

Thank-you in advance!

It indeed updates your listings from eBay. Perhaps you have only a few listings, and it does it so quickly you don’t see anything. I have about 50 listings and it takes about a second. I see a spinning circular line when it is updating.

Thanks for the reply Steve. I made some price changes to some listings through the eBay website, and thought that when I used the update listings button, it would update the prices on the listings in GS. But it didn’t seem to do this? Should it have?


I should probably add that I am using GS 7.0.8

I can’t answer that positively. Seems like it should. One of the GS gang will have to confirm what happens with that update button. You can import from my eBay (under the File menu) the listings you changed and those changes should now be on your GS listing. You will have duplicates of the ones you import. So delete the older versions.

The updated price won’t be reflected in the listing in Editor/Preview mode. However, in “Live” mode you should see the updated price.
It’s better to make revisions from within GarageSale directly. Please see the help here how to do it:

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian. What does the “Update Listing” toolbar button actually do? And I assume the “Update All Listings” menu item does a similar thing?

It updates the listing status info manually (check the Inpscetor in Live mode). However, in general you don’t have to use this button if auto update of listings and orders is enabled in the GarageSale preferences > Orders.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian. I saw a topic on here in early 2017 (How close to sync feature?) saying that synchronisation was being worked on and it would be a few months. Is this still in the works? It would be fantastic to be able to update any changes made outside of GS across instances of GS, and with eBay.

Thanks for your replies.

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