How close to sync feature?

Hi - how close are we to a sync feature please? if at all…
I’m on the edge on giving up on GarageSale :frowning: because it’s just no good for me being in a working environment where multiple people update the listings…

I have exactly the same question in my mind, especially after doing a mess moving the same folder to a new computer, which meant GS doubled every listing with auto-restart feature enabled… it was a mess, but I hope I fixed it deleting GS from one computer. The idea of sync worries me a bit… I am doing a complicated scheme of folder, is it wasted time? I hope not… for now I suppose the only solution is using 2 separate (and totally different) applications, but of course it is a bit annoying if I use only 1 for orders… anyway, we talked about it here: Now Available? Syncing GS Between Multiple Computers? and I am still hoping in that “months” :slight_smile:

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Sorry, the sync feature is still a few months away.

@ilja if “few” means 2, it will be a valid waiting :grin:

I take the opportunity for a preview question that I have in my mind for some months, will it be possible to work simultaneously from 2 different computer on the same GS? Or synching means working in the same data but not simultaneously? That’s a crucial need for me… and not only, I guess…

Several Macs will be able to work with the same GarageSale library. Chances are synchronized from one Mac to another through our server.

However, if you change different attributes of the same listing simultaneously on the Macs before they are synchronized, a conflict will occur, and you have to manually choose the version of the listing you want to continue to work with.

Looking forward to trying it :hushed:

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