Update Listing menu item with command-key R

How about adding an “Update Listing” menu item to the “Listing” menu, right above the “Update All Listings” menu item?

IMPORTANT: With a command-key, of R for Reload??

To match the “Update Listing” toolbar button.


How would RELOAD differ from UPDATE?

Same. I would just like the R key, rather than the U key.

Since command-R can easily be typed with the left hand, leaving the right hand on the mouse… :slight_smile:


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You do know you can program that exact command easily, right? I have the keyboard App short cut for Erase Deleted Items… and Remove All Images…). I asked for those to be a button but you can have them today by programing your own shortcuts making the command R keys instead of the 3 GS has programed . It must be exactly what GS has in the menu including Caps and (…)

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