Update your listings to keep them compliant / JavaScript issue

I’ve had a message from eBay saying some of my listings are not compliant because they “have active content like JavaScript we no longer support.”

I’ve checked the listings, and can’t see what the issue is. Ebay will hide the listings unless I update them.

What to do?


GarageSale never made use of Javascript in item descriptions but maybe these 4 listings contain external links/URL or non-https URLs.
You might want to check FAQ #5 and #6 for more details and solutions:

I already had a look at item 186131318619 but didn’t find anything suspicious at first sight. Did you maybe already revise this listing?

Thank you Kristian.

I haven’t revised the listings and have never had any active content with them. It’s a puzzle.

I just had another closer look at the source code of your item description:
For some unknown reasons it contains code from GarageSale’s Preview Mode. You could give this a try to fix it:
From GarageSale’s Design Browser select any another Layout option. Then switch back to your desired layout. Next, use the revise function to upload the changes to eBay.

Thank you Kristian.

I’ve done as you suggest. Let’s see if eBay is happy now. :wink:

Looks good, should be fixed.

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