Updated GarageSale to version 7 and lost all of the listings?

I finally managed to recover my previous listings after getting GarageSale on my new computer. Now, after updating to GarageSale7, all of the listings have disappeared again?

It’s not clear to me what exactly you have done or what exactly happened. Could you describe it so we can better understand the situation?

  1. You initially had GarageSale 6 installed on your old Mac?
  2. You now have a new Mac and installed GarageSale 7 there?
  3. When you now start GarageSale 7 on your new Mac, your listings from GarageSale 6 from your old Mac are not there?

Regards, Kristian

I apologize. I had GarageSale 6 installed on the old Mac, backed it up to an external hard drive, and installed GarageSale on the new computer. I recovered my previous listings by moving my garagesale database from the external to the new computer. We were all good, but then when I updated the application to GarageSale7, all listings have now vanished.

If you start GarageSale 6 (!) on your new Mac, does it load your items?

Regards, Kristian

It did, but now it has been updated to 7. I can start over and just reinstall 6 from the backup to have them again, but I can’t understand why updated the version will lose my information.

Can you recall if you purchasedf GarageSale 6 from the Mac App Store, or directly from us.

These application use different locations for their data. Maybe you have been running both, so there are two different libraries and GS7 picks the wrong one for import.

Is there a certain folder or file in the hidden com.iwascoding.garagesale folder that I can move over to the com.iwascoding.garagesale7 folder so that it imports that data?

It’s worth a try letting GarageSale trying to re-import your GarageSale 6 database:

  1. Export any listings and inventory items you created in GarageSale 7 and want to keep.
  2. Quit GarageSale 7.
  3. Rename the folder com.iwascoding.garagesale7 in your User Library* under
    Macintosh HD/Users/yourUserName/Library/Containers
    to something like com.iwascoding.garagesale7-old.
  4. Restart GarageSale 7. In the welcome screen click on the “Import Database” button. This will import your current GS6 database.
  5. If done, import any items you exported in step #1.

*Please note: The User Library is hidden by default. To access it click the Finder’s “Go” menu and press the option (alt) and shift key to make the User Library show up in the menu. Selecting it will open it in the Finder.

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