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Im updating my Dad’s mac Mini late 2012 with a new SSD and some ram. I Backed up the GS database on an external. I was just wondering if there was anything else I needed to back up for GS to work properly on the new drive. Im not sure he still has the same email he had when he got GS so I dont want to be stuck without a serial number, is there a way to see it in GS? The old HD was running High Sierra and the new SSD most likely will be running Mojave. Im not doing a backup from time machine because the old HD is just too cluttered with junk. Are there any problems I might encounter or be aware of before I get into this. He has thousands of GS templates that get reused so I dont want to lose them.

Hi Colin,

Transferring the GarageSale database to another Mac is pretty easy - but you have to know how to make the User Library visible (it’s hidden by default).
Please see FAQ #17 for details:

On the new Mac you’ll need to enter the GarageSale license.
You can request your license at any time in the “Lost Licenses” section on our website:
If in doubt, please contact us directly.

Also, you’ll need to add/refresh your eBay access token in the GarageSale preferences on the new Mac.

Hope this helps,

Will the database have al the images as well?

Yup, as i suspected, the license is under an old email with verizon that cannot be accessed anymore.

So I didnt end up needing the license on the new hard drive. It automatically refreshed. Im having this issue with most of my auctions though. They look like this.

Are you referring to the HTML code in Editor mode?
If you edit the item description in Preview mode, the item description needs to be converted to HTML code. That’s why you see the code in Editor mode.

Hope this helps,

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