Updating all listings is not working

I have a listing that ended on eBay so the icon was darkened, which is fine = but it’s still live on eBay because I relisted it. But when I update all listings it isn’t changed at all. And that appears to be true for a bunch of other items = they are still active and yet they don’t show in GS as being active.

The first thing you should do is to refresh your eBay access token(s), if not done already. Update all listings afterwards once again.

• Did you relist the listing on the eBay website or from within GarageSale?
• If you compare the Item Number / Item ID on the eBay website and in the Inpsector sidebar in GarageSale’s “Live” mode, are these the same numbers?

In case GarageSale should somehow “lost” the linking between local and listing on eBay, there’s a way to “re-link” them. To do this invoke the “Import from eBay” command from the File > Import menu. Don’t import any listing there, just drag the desired listing from the “Import from eBay” panel to the arrow icon next to the Item Number field in the Live inspector

This animation shows how to do it:

Regards, Kristian

One other you could try is this:

  1. Quit GarageSale
  2. Start GarageSale again while holding down the ctrl key on your keyboard
  3. Check the “Rebuild index” box in the debug panel and click OK
  4. Try updating all listings again

Any improvements?

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