Updating all Listings

Is it possible to set a time for doing the Update All Listings? At the moment, I do it manually to educe the used resources. It would be fantastic to set it to a couple of hours before I wake up.

Hi David,

I’m sure you are already aware of this “Update Orders and Listings:” Preference setting…

You could set it to “Every Day”, or “Every 12 hours”?, but I’m not sure what time of the day it will be triggered.


Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 9.13.38 AM

Yes Neal, I am aware of this preference setting.

My problem is that it takes up too much resources if I am stopping and restarting 1000s of items. Makes me very nervous. Scenario:

  1. Do a complete update at say 5am
  2. Update individual items after they sell because I may want to start another copy.

Anything else does not matter too much for me.


Oh. Forgot to mention. If I knew what ‘Every Day’ Meant, it may solve my problm.

On immediate solution, would be to use a scripting utility like “Keyboard Maestro” to invoke that command at a certain point in time. I asked on Twitter, and the author claimed it would solve your problem:

Think I have a solution.

I have set SLEEP control in Mac Preferences:

I just tested GS Preferences to update EVERY DAY and it does in fact update every 24hours from the time of setting.

I will get up early one morning and reset it so that
Sleep Ends: 0500
Update All Listings Starts: 0600

Hopefully this will work and all my listings will have updated when I get back from walking the dog.


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