Updating Orders Manually

I’ve asked this before but thought I’d try again. Is there anyway to manually update the Orders feedback? I have a couple that have left feedback for me, per eBay, but GS says waiting for feedback. I went ahead and left feedback for them and it marked that I did leave feedback, but I just can’t get GS to acknowledge their feedback, which according to eBay they have left for me, so it will move out of Waiting Feedback smartfolder.

I’ve tried the pertinent things, like highlighting a specific order and updating, updating ALL orders, going back to listings and update ALL listings, etc. Just don’t seem to be able to get eBay info and the GS database to sync on these items.

Could these be Global Shipping sales? Feedback is real funky when Global Sales is used. It’s eBay, not Garage Sale.


Do you know when the buyers left the feedback for the orders in question? GarageSale can only update orders that were changed in the last 30 days. If you received the feedback before that time, you might be out of luck.

Also, we have longstanding issue with the eBay API (which eBay never acknowledged). If an order received feedback, that doesn’t set the “changed” flag on that order, so when GarageSale ask what orders were changed in the last 30 days, that order just doesn’t appear on the list. :man_shrugging:

No Global sales. I’ve only sold within US boundry.

Currently, I have 3 items. Here is the dates I gave to the US Post Office (USPS) and the dates they were delivered to the customer. All had tracking numbers. Feedback would have been left for me after the DELIVERED day at the very earliest. Usually it’s a couple days afterwards when I remind them.

11/24/17 11/27/17
11/25/17 11/27/17
12/05/17 12/08/17

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