Updating quantity available

Use the remaining quantity as default quantity has always been the default behaviour of the auto-relist feature, unless you have the “Ignore Inventory Quanity” checked.

@ilja That is the remaining quantity that ebay shows or the quantity that GS shows? They can be different if part of the quantity has sold and GS hasn’t been updated.

Does it work also with auto-cancellation?

I read the Inventory Management section of the manual and didn’t think that was advantageous to me. My assumption was that the click box was associated with inventory tracking.

As far as I know, “Ignore Inventory Quanity” box simply means that, if checked, GS ignores the quantity into “Quantity” field, it should not concern the inventory section.

The problem now is to understand if auto-relisting does update the quantity field using the remaining one on eBay. Who wants to risk and test here :sweat_smile: ??

@fedege96 That’s how I found the scary problem. I set a bunch of auto-cancel and relist. With out the check box to be certain I am unsure the result. If I am revising and forget to be sure the checkbox is checked it is defaulted to the last use and it hit me what will auto cancel relist do? I have 1 set to go off tomorrow, 14 hours from now so we will see.

The auto-restart feature will always use the quantity left on eBay, because its triggered by the “item ended” event from eBay, which already includes the final value for the quantity-left field.

I’ll see that the auto-cancel feature will also update GarageSale’s quantity left field with the final value from eBay. Hope that’s easily feasible.

That would be the final solution. Then I will finally start with auto-cancelation feature.
Just a question, in order to avoid any trouble. To let GS end and restart automatically listings, do I have to set “Automatic relist” in advanced tab too, further than “auto-cancelation”? Does it check for sold listings and does not automatically restart sold ones, correct?

I changed the quantity in GS so it was different than what ebay showed to see the outcome. I had GS set to 3 in quantity and ebay had 4. GS relisted with 3 as quantity and didn’t change to what ebay said(4) in quantity. Now I need to auto cancel one with GS at 4 and ebay at 3 to see what the outcome would be. Some how we need to be certain that the 2 are in sync.

I auto canceled and relisted a listing that GS said 6 in quantity but ebay said 5 left in quantity. The new listing says 6. @ilja “Ignore Inventory Quanity” checked." Why would I check this box? I can’t see a time when I want ebay to sell more than I have in stock. I find this confusing. It is also the default check that is always checked when setting up a restart.

@fedege96 This appears to be a problem. My auto cancel and relist quantities are not coming out accurately. GS is missing the sales that have occurred during the listing duration.

Thanks for reporting. I will wait again before starting using this feature, too many doubts and, quarantine apart, no time to check all listings if something goes wrong…

@fedege96 I used a smart group to set up “auto cancel and restart” and set it to only do “Active listings without bids or sales”. It works great and skips listings with this issue until it is fixed.

You might have more inventory than you’ve put into your original listing, to create the notion of scarcity. So you want to relist with your original quantity, instead of reducing the quantity with each rel-list.

@ilja any news about auto-cancelation and relist quantity issue?

@rlmartin so just to be sure I correctly understood, you set auto-cancelation but you don’t set auto-relist too so that listings ends and then you manually restart from a smart group which shows auto-cancelled listings. Is this correct?

@fedege96 I use the auto cancel feature as intended. You also have to set the relist feature. I didn’t at first but it just ends the listing… as it should. Set the relist feature to start again. CAUTION: IF ANY SOLD THE QUANTITY WILL NOT UPDATE! Set a smart group and Use only the “Active listings without bids or sales”. It works great because the quantity is right. What I the do is use the “revise” button on the “Active listings with bids or sales” to update GS to the proper quantity available and then set the auto cancel and relist feature, and hope no last minute sales come in before the auto cancel triggers. I had one sale happen but GS caught it and I got notice that a “quantity of 0 is not allowed” because a sale happened. We are getting closer to a workable auto cancel/relist feature.


Could this and the other settings in the auto cancel and auto restart be made to default to last used settings? As I add things to auto cancel and auto restart I find myself repeatedly doing the same things… unchecking the ignore inventory quantity box, scrolling the whole way to the bottom of the move file to…, and scrolling the interval window to the same setting that I last used. Thanks for considering.

@fedege96 I used the auto cancel feature and also the relist feature. IMPORTANT: The quantity updates correctly so as long as I remember to uncheck the “Ignore Inventory Quanity” check box that seems to default to “Ignore Inventory Quanity” every time.

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