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This has been discussed several times in the past BUT until now I never had to try this on my skin… PLEASE, fix this major issue of your app. I am afraid I revised some hundreds of multiple-quantity item listings while some items have already been sold and only later I realized this. Selling an item that already finished has a bad influence on your seller ebay valuation. Moreover, customers are not happy and negative feedback cannot be removed by eBay. I actually don’t know how to check my active listings that I revised. I am afraid I will have soon many issues with customers…

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Yes, you can’t check your active listings that you revised. You started a new listing number and that sales history is gone. This even gets worse when ending and relisting every month or 2 months. If you don’t catch the sale it gets uploaded as the wrong quantity available. The notice when revising that the quantity on eBay is not the same as GS is just a reminder that GS is not doing a complete job and keeping quantity correct.

This is a real pain. Why hasn’t it been fixed until now?

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As ilja said “At some point in the past we decided not to update the quantity entered by the user with what’s currently left on eBay.” I figured the coding must be too hard to fix?

I have been dealing with it for 5 years. It is a real pain to go get your stock to send only to find the shelf is empty. Then refund, explain to the customer that I can’t count, get a strike on you ebay account for running out of stock and over selling your on hand stock which ebays rules say you are Not supposed to do. Sorry, welcome to the club.

What about “Use ‘Remaing Quantity’ as new quantity” checkbox in the Revise and Relist panels?

Hi Ilja, this seems to be a very big trouble for many. Checkbox is not a solution for me since I always revise the entire listing. There might be also a sort of revise of entire archive and so they got updated too. There must be anything to update quantity or at least prevent us from revising listings that have quantity enabled/ > 1 and so loosing sold history and accidentally increase quantity. Is there any trouble with code about this?

When you list an item with quantity > 1, there is a sort of icon next to title which show number of sold items. It start from zero. Isn’t there a method to start it from the available quantity and decrease every time there is a sell? Maybe this is just not possible “technically”, but there should be a prevention from revising quantity and another feature that bring available quantity left to quantity field when the listing is ended. I don’t know if I correctly explained what I mean…

If this were incorporated into the GS preference pane that applies to every listing then it seems like it would work. A preference check box that would apply it to every listing so the quantity is constantly being updated as every sale happens. Another click in a check box for every relist and revise is another step added and it would be a nuisance. Like when ending a listing having to answer every time why I am ending a listing is an extra click step instead of just ending it. Just pick one that stays the same answer until updated or changed. Click stop and it stops. apply the same answer.

Another issue quantity related. I am planning to start using the auto-cancellation feature. How this work with quantity non-updating field?

The same as I have to do now. You have to manually change the quantity on every multiple quantity listing to match what is on ebay otherwise you will over sell what you have on hand.

This is crazy if I have 30 multiple quantity listings into 3000 listings. I don’t have enough time. I hope in a fix too…

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30 wouldn’t be bad. I have 300 to 500 depending on the items listed. You simply have to keep tabs on the quantity sold and make the changes to every listing before it is auto relisted. You miss a few to be sure but you get better at it over time.

This has also been a problem for me as well. In fact I have an order today that I cannot fulfill because of this issue.

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I forgot some zeros. A solution is really needed here…

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I think you got what I suggested wrong. Please take a look at the latest beta. I believe it should address the most pressing issues:

The check box works on the ebay side but GS still shows the wrong quantity available.

@ilja An added click box needs added for the auto cancellation and auto restart feature. I need a check box to be certain that GS restarts with the CURRENT quantity that is left on eBay like the check box on the relist and revise panel (‘Use quantity left’ as new quantity). Without this check box GS won’t know the correct quantity on hand to correctly restart. Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 2.19.55 PM Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 2.13.22 PM

@rlmartin you anticipated me of very few. This is something I just realizes, auto-restart feature wouldn’t work without a checkbox.

Use the remaining quantity as default quantity has always been the default behaviour of the auto-relist feature, unless you have the “Ignore Inventory Quanity” checked.

@ilja That is the remaining quantity that ebay shows or the quantity that GS shows? They can be different if part of the quantity has sold and GS hasn’t been updated.