Upgrade but then told I have demo

I checked for updates for GS. A dialog box said that the upgrade was available but would cost. I agreed and a download began, I re- established contact with eBay but when I was listing items I am told I am running a demo and can only list 3. I’ve paid for GS years ago and continue to upgrade without issue. Thank you

You probably upgraded from GarageSale 8 to GarageSale 9.

GarageSale 9 is a new major version and requires a new license. Upgrade licenses are still available for 19.99:

You can use your previous GarageSale 8 license to purchase an upgrade license for GarageSale 9. This is how:

• Start the purchase flow from within GarageSale 9. (Just choose “Buy License…” from the “GarageSale” menu.)

• If you don’t see the upgrade option there, please click on “Enter Previous License” and enter your GarageSale 8 license. Your GarageSale 8 license should be recognized and the upgrade option should be available then.

Please see here what’s new in GarageSale 9:

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