Upgrade option unavailable and "unhelpful" support team

I’ve tried to deal with this issue via support but I feel that is no longer viable.

Full support transcript here:

I downloaded GarageSale 7.0.9 but it will not allow me to upgrade.
It says “No older licenses found” even though I have GarageSale Classic on the same computer. I was unable to find any license key information or an email connected to your database.
I did however find this receipt email from iTunes. I can also show my ebay listings for proof.
Let me know how I can receive the $20 discount if I were to purchase through the app itself and enter my credit card information.
-attached file of receipt-

garagesale support:
please try to download GarageSale7 from our website and leave your GarageSale6 version from the AppStore installed on your mac:
From within GarageSale7 you now will be able to purchase the update for 19,99. Even as a buyer from the GarageSale version from the MAS, GarageSale 7 should offer you the upgrade option. (Select “Buy License…” from the “GarageSale” menu in GarageSale 7.)

It did not work. Where else would I have been able to download GarageSale7 other than from the site itself?

garagesale support:
sorry, you can download GarageSale 7 from our website only:

Yes I know that. That is where I downloaded the app from… The upgrade option is still not there

garagesale support:
yes, this probably is because you don’t have a running GarageSale 6 version on your computer.
Since you purchased your license for GarageSale 6 from the Apple AppStore, you need to get your GarageSale 6 version back from them. After you have a running GarageSale 6 version on your computer, you will be able to update to GarageSale 7 as described below.

I do. I just listed some ebay items up with my GarageSale 6 (classic). I also mentioned that I can take a screenshot of my computer to show that I have both versions of GarageSale installed.
Let me know how I can get the $20 discount without all this back and forth
-attached screenshot of both garagesale versions on my desktop-

garagesale support:
did you try to purchase the update from within GarageSale7? Even as a buyer from the GarageSale version from the MAS, GarageSale 7 should offer you the upgrade option. (Select “Buy License…” from the “GarageSale” menu in GarageSale 7.)

Hi GarageSale Support,
Yes I have tried and the option is not there :slight_smile:

email exchanges in a span of 3 days

Hi Johnny,

I am sorry to hear the support wasn’t able to help you.

There’s a tool that might be able to find your GarageSale receipt from the Mac App Store. Did the supporter tell you about it?
If not, I can send you further instructions by a direct message.

Regards, Kristian

I received the download link but it did not help.

Can’t I just make the full payment with my CC and get a partial refund either via CC or PP?

If the app finds your Apple receipt from GarageSale you should see a green “Successfully copied receipt” text in the app’s window. If not, nothing was found and there’s no way for GarageSale to show the upgrade option.

So far it worked pretty fine for all other customers who ran the tool so my guess is that the GarageSale 6 version, downloaded from the Mac App Store(!) is not installed on your Mac and/or hasn’t been started at least once.
You migt want to give it another try then. Before you start the tool quit GarageSale 7.

Sorry, that’s not possible.

Regards, Kristian

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