Upgrade to GS 7 a mess. Responses from Support ticket stopped!

Please, I desperately need help. I imported to GS 7 last week, and it ordered all of my auctions completely randomly. There are NO outlines on boxes, so I cannot even tell which are live. I have corresponded with Kristian,
but after answering his last question a few days ago, no more responses. I am in the position of–at Christmas time–not being able to list and of my items.

Truly desperate for help.

Thanks, Kerry

Hi Kerry,

I am sorry for the delay.
After replying to your follow-up mail on Monday I didn’t make it to answer your new mail.

If GS7 didn’t import the correct status of your GS6 database/listings then this info was probably missing in GarageSale 6 (e.g. the correspnding AUCTION item was missing) or there is already a copy of the same listing existing in GarageSale 7.
However, what you could try is this:

Select “Update All Listings” from the Listing menu.

If this still won’t help there’s another thing you can do: Export your listings using GarageSale6’s export function (File menu > Export Listings) and import them in GarageSale 7 (File > Import > Import Listings).

Maybe this does the trick.

Still no luck? Delete all these listings and import them from eBay:

Regards, Kristian

Thank you, Kristian.

I don’t understand how anything in GS 6 would have been missing? The auctions were perfect, and it was running perfectly.

I tried updating all auctions, and that didn’t work.

The trouble is, if I export my listings, then re-import them, they still won’t be correct, will they?

I cannot possibly delete all my listings. I use many of them as templates when I come across the same vintage items so I don’t have to re-write description and re-post photos. Also, there are many auctions where I had written the description, waiting to photograph, or the other way around, put in the photos, waiting to write description. I simply cannot loose all of the time and information involved in that—it would be like reinventing the wheel.

It seems to me that the best thing would be for you to tell me how to go back to GS 6 so I can take screenshots and thereby know how to order them correctly when I update to GS 7.

What do you think?

Thank you,


Has this happened to others? I had updated to GS 7 shortly after it came out and all my auctions were a mess too, although my listings did show the auctions with colored borders. I thought that by now the kinks would have been worked out. I don’t get it. Do you get why this has happened to me twice?

I also forgot to mention that the prices are missing on many of the auctions, which I cannot understand. They all had prices except perhaps for the ones I was working on.

Kristian please. I cannot keep going on waiting so long for an answer.

Thank you.


Sounds like there was a major random hiccup when you imported your GS6 database into GS7. Perhaps this issue would be solved if you delete GS7 completely and then go through the install and import processes all over again.

NOTE: I am not Tech Support, but just a user like you, Kerry.

Exporting your GS7 listings and re-importing them makes no sense.
Exporting the GS6 listings in questions and importing them in GS7 is worth a try as I already mentioned:[quote=“kristian, post:2, topic:3555”]
Export your listings using GarageSale6’s export function (File menu > Export Listings) and import them in GarageSale 7 (File > Import > Import Listings).

I already explained the required steps previously, didn’t I?
Just open GarageSale 6 or download it from our website, if no longer available on your Mac.

Regards, Kristian

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