Upgraded to 9.05, and all my listings are gone

I kept getting crashes while listing, so I finally agreed to upgrade to the paid service. Paid for service. All my listings I was working on, are now gone. How can I get the 100+ hours of listings back? I have zero listings currently, just the “New Listing”.

If this is the way this works, there should really be a warning prior to allowing people to “upgrade”, as all upgrades in the past have retained information and listings. Now I am starting fresh with a loss of work, listings, etc. Really frustrating.

Did you maybe already tried GarageSale 9 before? If so, that might be why it started with that (empty?) database instead importing your previous one.

However, if you were using version 7 or 8 on your Mac, it should be able to let GarageSale 9 import that previous database.

What version of GarageSale did you use before upgrading to GS9?

Regards, Kristian

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