Upload don' work!

Hello, i have the same problem since few week, upload doesn’t work, i have reinstall my box (internet) reinstall the garagesale.app and the result is the same… please help me

“Internal error to the application” is returned by eBay’s server when there a having issues.
However, it’s very uncommon that you get this error since weeks!

Do you get this error with all listings or only this specific one?

Regards, Kristian

i have this error on each annonces (with planning or not)

i try to upload to my own server and i have a errors

i’m really disapoint


the button don’t display :frowning:

Does it work if you try to switch to a different image server?

No it’s the same, i try with the tree option Ebay, GarageSale Server and my own server
The result it’s the same :frowning:


some questions that may help us understand/reproduce the issue:

  1. Which version of GS are you using?
  • Do you use URL images and can you verify that all images are valid?
  • Do you have this error in all listing or just in some?
  • Does the error occur also when startig only one single listing?
  • Do you have a stable internet connection?

Please export the listing you have issues with and send it to me. I will try to reproduce the error here.


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