Upload fails due to image size

I have read a few discussion on image size problems and failure to be able to list on eBay. I’ve tried the suggestions from others and have not had any success. I continue to receive the following error even though when I open the image in GS it shows it is 1200x800.


did you use the built-in editor to crop your images? We had a bug that results in small images which was fixed in the last beta:

If this does not help, please send me the exported/archived listing (in a private/direct message).


I didn’t use any edit and didn’t resize. I finally figured out that it was the main image that needs to be at least 500 pixels. Once I changed that one the error went away. From the error message, I understood it to mean at least one of the images needed to be 500 px and all of the others exceeded that size.

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