Upload stoppeduploading planned auctions

So I scheduled several listings for this evening to start automatically (using 8.1.20 beta).

All went fine as long as the screensaver didn’t start. I checked the beginning of the listings and went to read to my kids. Returning I had to realize that a lot of the items didn’t start. (just showing the rockets but not doing anything).
I couldn’t revive starting but had to restart GS.

This happened twice and I don’t really understand it. I have the “prevent sleep” setting, the monitor only turns off after 3 hours and if there is a network action there is no sleep mode.

It always works after restarting GS and stops the moment the screensaver starts. Somehow it shouldn’t be required to be working when scheduled auctions start.

No the screensaver didn’t even start.

It simply stops uploading.

It happened again 20 minutes later, without the screensaver starting or anything else done, as I was working differently.
When ending GS it asked to wait for the ongoing tasks to end, which I forced to end. After restart of GS, it worked again…
Today I only wanted to start around 50 auctions, already this is taking way longer. I don’t want to think about what to do if I’m starting 200 auctions.

Any idea somebody? The settings seem to be okay.

Couldn’t this had to do with the eBay category issue you had at the same time?
If the category was out-dated in some of the listing, this could explain why GarageSale wasn’t able to start them.

What you could also check is if you can start a listing manually that failed to schedule-start. Maybe eBay then returns an error message during the upload.

Regards, Kristian

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