User Properties editing crash

I can reproducibly crash GS 9.2.1 by

  1. opening a listing which has one User Property already set
  2. paste a new value (right side) into that User Property
  3. click “+” to create a new User Property


  • There is no “Garage Sale crashed” report dialog afterwards.
  • The new property has been created when I restart
  • The property into which I pasted a value has NOT been updated with the new value
  • If I add the new key first, then edit the values, it does not crash

My guess: the focus on the edited/pasted value field is not closed and updated when a new key-value pair is created. By pasting a value in, but not hitting “enter”, I have not closed that db transaction.

I could not immediately reproduce that crash.

Can you please lookup your personal crash id from the “About GarageSale” window. Maybe the crash report service has more details on your crash.


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Thanks, I found a single crash log from you.

It only shows a crash in Apple’s animation code, without a single any information about the code path in GarageSale that led there.

Could you please post a video of the crash happening for you. Maybe it’s a tiny detail we are missing when trying to reproduce that crash.

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I will try to do that later today, but I can guess what the tiny detail is.

Let me rephrase the crash more functionally, since I’ve just done a couple of quick tests:

Click “+” to add a new User Property while you are editing another property’s value.

That is, when I say I paste a new value in, I don’t mean “and then hit enter to close the text box” I mean I clicked “+” while the text box in the existing value was still visible.

I checked, and if I hit “enter” after changing the value, and then click “+”, no crash occurs.

The bug is that the edit field interaction is not auto-closing when the “new item” code is invoked.

This may seem like a trivial edge case, but I was editing User Properties in many auctions, and pasting the incorrect value in and clicking “+” to add a missing property was the correct UI sequence. I would not expect to need to type “enter” after pasting a value into a text field, to avoid a crash.

The mouse clicks are not very clear but here’s a clip where I

  1. edit Test Prop 1 value from FOO to safe, then hit enter to close the text field and then click “+”
  2. edit New User Property value to be unsafe, but then I do not hit enter and click “+”
  3. → crash

Obviously the workaround is “don’t forget to hit enter”, but the bug is “the user shouldn’t have to hit enter”.

Forgive my ignorance, but what does the “User Properties” do?

It’s a more advanced but very powerful feature. You can use them in your item description, smart groups, inventory, message templates, and even in Javascript actions.

Yes, I use these fields for recording

  • physical location in my inventory, which I print on packing slips when I ship every day
  • whether or not an item can be shipped Media Mail in the US, which I use to set fixed/calculated prices
  • min and max price I will accept
  • expected package charges, which I use to determine whether fixed or calculated shipping is appropriate (for example whether a book is heavy or a lightweight print is oversized)
  • when I started listing an item

Mostly these are things I use with scripts, but it can also be useful for Smart Group filters in some cases.

But also, @rlmartin, the benefit is that they don’t “do” anything :slight_smile: . They’re private info in my local database only.

Can user properties be used to always pick the same font, colors and type size for picking those properties in the description? Or can this be added to the pro design properties? There are side bar options, title and so on but nothing for theft size, type or colors in the description field.
Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 2.07.20 PM
If this could be added to the pro designs properties so I could pick one setting for every listing it would speed things up while listing.

Thanks. I think I figured this one out. The fix is not perfect (the new property doesn’t get selected when pressing the ‘+’ button), but at least the crash is gone. Stay tuned for the next beta version.

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As far as I know, user properties are only specialized words (just single strings as keys and values) you can associate with a listing or inventory item.

To use them for something, you need to read and/or write them with scripts, either in Applescript or Javascript.

For example, I have a “randomize BIN price” script, which reads the user properties of a listing for MAXBIN and MINBIN values, and changes the BIN value using those as limits. This is useful because it is different for almost every item in my inventory, and there’s nowhere private for me to write that info without them; I used to use the Description, but that was tricky because I had to use a stupid secret code (since the numbers would show up in the description!).

For your use case, @rlmartin, is there a problem with making a single Listing with the settings you want, and then just duplicating that for your new listings? I don’t quite understand why you need to change settings manually for every listing.

I 99% of the time duplicate a sold or an existing listing. About 25% of them I was using “*” as a bullet point before I found the bullet point at the top. So I end up retyping a lot. Then when I hit a return to add a new bullet point the font size changes to 15 from 18 and the font will change to something entirely different. I have bold type for all my dimensions so they stand out and about half of them over time change on their own to a smaller size. The type color over time will either go to a light blue or sometimes brown and about 50% of the time it is light gray instead of black. I reported it to GS in the past and they say it is from cut and paste but I really don’t do much of that any more but it seems to have a corrupting influence on a duplicated listing carrying forward. It would be nice to set a permanent font, size, color, bullet layout with a 2.0 line spacing in the pro design so it is less time wasted.
Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 7.11.56 PM

Font and color change below:
Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 7.14.10 PM

I confess that ever since eBay released their mobile app, so many of my sales (80%+) are mobile, where nobody sees my styles, that I edit the markdown text and use the default typography from the template I use.

It really was driven home for me when I yelled at a buyer (nicely) about not reading the description, and they literally didn’t know there was a description because the mobile app just translates it into plain text for them.

Interesting point. I looked up my stuff on the ebay app. It looks like I need to concentrate more on item specifics rather than on the description

I tend to duplicate 99% of the time, as well. The verification process still frustrates me when I know the item will pass verification anyway

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