Using Garagesale on TWO computers?

Is it possible to use Garagesale on TWO Apple computers yet, without messing things up?
I have one computer running Ventura and one running Catalina.
I thought ‘synching’ between the two would be possible by now, maybe by using the Cloud as the ‘Master’ but I am having difficulty working it all out. Can you help and advise me please? Thank you.

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Syncing is available in the preferences panel. I think you have to purchase the pro version if you haven’t already
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Thanks, Martin. I have been using Garagesale PRO for a few years.
My problem is that my secondary machine (the one I use least with Garagesale) doesn’t seem to ‘keep up’ with what my MAIN computer has saved on the ‘Cloud’.
How do I get my ‘secondary’ machine to download that synched data, so that it is ‘up to date’ with my ads and sales from my main machine, and so that I can continue working on my sales on that machine?
Synching from my second machine just doesn’t seem to operate properly.
I am worried that there is a risk of my Garagesale cloud data being over-written by the older data on the second machine

I think you need to re-do the “initial download” on your secondary Mac. Make sure you have a backup, then try this:

  1. Export all the listings from that Mac that only exist there. Use GarageSale’s Export command from the File menu to do that. (hold down shift to select multiple listing and export in one go)

  2. Again, make sure you have a current backup.

  3. On your secondary Mac: Open the GarageSale preferences > Pro. Make sure you are signed-in with your Pro account. Then click on “Disable Synching”. Wait a moment, then re-enable synching again. If prompted, select “overwrite your local data with the data from the server” (!)

  4. That process (initial download) might take a while.

  5. If done, import all the exported Listing from step #1.

Thank you, Kristian, that worked!

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