USPS Retail Ground Service - Is That Economy Shipping OR USPS Standard Shipping?

GS 7.0.16

Under shipping services what corresponds to USPS Retail Ground Service?

  1. Economy Shipping?

  2. USPS Standard Shipping?

USPS Parcel Select refers to the commercial rate version of USPS Retail Ground Service.

I update the shipping on one of my listings to see what would happen.

I attempted to add Economy Shipping & USPS Standard Post to a listing that already had Priority Mail & Parcel Select.

An error message was generated stating that Economy Shipping is not available.

As long as Parcel Select was used USPS Standard Post would not show.

After removing Parcel Select and keeping Priority Mail the USPS Standard Post was added as Economy Shipping (USPS Retail Ground).

USPS Standard Post = Economy Shipping (USPS Retail Ground)

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