V.7 is not working, PERIOD

Check this eBay listing # 222638061677 and you will have an idea how many problems you’ll have with the new version. This is my third time trying to use V.7 hoping after a year the guys from GS will fix the problems, but now I’ll have to go back to V.6 until GS got some competition. These guys are doing all wrong from the beginning. They are coming out with new versions without even testing it. GS people, I suggest you to go back to most stable V.6 then work on V.7 for a couple of years until you have a good stable product, then charge people fee. You can’t use the end users as testers of your just released beta version and make them pay fees. It’s not about fees it’s about time Mr. GS. We are loosing our precious time going back and forth from one version to another. The eBay listing I mentioned at the beginning was imported from eBay and without doing any changes (hoping HTTP will be replaced with HTTPS ) was uploaded back to eBay. Now the listing looks horrible with double text, double pictures. Now to fix this I have to go back to V.6 and relist the item again.
Very unhappy customer

It seems like your images are included twice. Are you perhaps using a custom design that hasn’t been adapted to GarageSale 7?

The images are included twice by the GS 7 not by me. I am not using any custom design. It is Plackard white design from GS 6 that is also included in GS7. It was imported from a live eBay auction since I couldn’t find any of the live listings created previously with GS 6 last month. All other listings were picked up by GS 7 from GS 6 except those currently listed on eBay.

I think that is causing the trouble. If you import a listing from “My eBay” the whole source code of the item description needs to be downloaded. This includes the code for the listing design and the embedded images.

A workaround is to copy the whole text from the item description in Preview mode, switch to Editor mode, clear the item description field there and paste in the copied text. If you then switch back to Preview mode you can add images and a design as usual but need to re-format the text as well.

Regards, Kristian

The problem started with the fact that the GS7 didn’t transfer all of the old auctions from GS6. That’s the reason why I had to import from eBay live auction. My question is why GS7 doesn’t pick up all of the listings from GS6 particularly the most recent ones?

still waiting for an answer why a new 7 version doesn’t transfer all of my old auctions from GS6.

GarageSale 7 tries to import all complete listing items from GarageSale 6 at first launch.
However, if a listing item is uncomplete (e.g. the corresponding AUCTION is missing), GarageSale 7 can’t import it.
However, GarageSale 7 can still import and open auction template files from GarageSale 6. Export them with GS6 and then use the import > import listing command from GS7’s FILE menu. The import process takes a while though.

Regards, Kristian

I never had a problem transferring the old listings in previous versions. I just copied the database folder from one version to a new version and that was 30 seconds job. Now I have to export one buy one and import one by one. That’s why I was telling you to go back to stable V6 and work on V7 until you make it work. You will save ton of time to your users. We don’t care if the new version will cost $19 or $150 it is important that the transition from one to another version is smooth

Of course GarageSale 7 will automatically import your GarageSale 6 library, if one is present and GS 7 is started for the first time. Everything else would be indeed user hostile.

You can re-trigger the import process by removing the folder com.iwascoding.garagesale7 from directory Library/Containers/ in your account’s home directory. If you don’t see a library folder, you have to make it visible from the View options for your home directory first.

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