V7.0.8 b6 Description does not appear in Preview Mode


Long time GarageSale user here. I’m testing a preview copy of GarageSale 7.0.8b6

Item descriptions for listings imported from XML file appear in Editing View but not in Preview Mode. This is true whether using a template or not.

Uploaded listing is missing description as well.

I’ve tried:

Changing Description Conversion to HTML
Selecting a listing template
Turning off template.

I’m using the same XML import file format I’ve always used with GarageSale:

(It looks like forum software processes tags so I will use dashes instead of < > )

-description-This is the description of the item-/description-

EDIT: After further testing with demo version, I am unable to create a working listing.

I used the help guide to step through the listing creation, but the description entered in Editor mode does not show up in Preview mode.

I’ve tried renewing eBay credentials and selecting different templates, but no luck.

Can you send me a listing that won’t appear in GarageSale’s preview for inspection?

I can send you an exported listing. It’s about 58MB. How shall I send? Thx.

Please use this link to upload your listing to Dropbox:


I downloaded your listing and was able it to preview it:

My guess is that there’s something wrong with either the eBay category data or your account token in GarageSale.

Have you tried refreshing your eBay access token for your account in GarageSale’s preferences window?

The first thing I tried was to refresh my eBay token within GarageSale.

I’ve tested other listings with no success.

Imported listings (created with an earlier version) have the same problem.

Did you update the eBay category data, as well? If not, please do so by clicking on the sprocket icon in the category browser popover window.

Regards, Kristian

Refreshing the category data did not work.

I tried creating a new listing after refresh and reviewed a previously created listing. Both failed to show description in preview mode.

Maybe there’s something in the logs that tells us why preview generation is failing. Please follow these steps:

  1. Quit GarageSale
  2. Restart GarageSale while holding down the control key on your keyboard
  3. In the Debug panel check the “Enable logging” checkbox and enter the logging identifier I’m going to sent you in a separate message
  4. Try preview the listing and what for about 30 secs
  5. Disable logging from the Loggin menu in the menu bar.


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