Variations , error 20004

sorry for my english … I am Italian … :grin:

I inserted a jewel with variants,
1 'only pendant
2 'pendant + chain
each version with an article with photos.

20004 error appears
how to fix?


are you referring to this eBay error?:

“A mixture of Self Hosted and EPS pictures are not allowed.”

Images that you use in your variations can only be hosted by eBay (EPS). Your aditional images are hosted by GarageSale’s free image service (or your won image server, if selected). It seems that eBay does not allow this mixture and that’s why you get that eBay error.

Solution: You should switch to EPS in the GarageSale preferences>eBay>eBay Images to be able to start the listings in questions.

Regards, Kristian

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