Variations not showing up on my imported listing

I have imported my listings from ebay through import from my ebay. Would like to start using my inventory list and link them to my imported ebay listing. The problem is, I cannot see my variations that I made in ebay. Am I doing something wrong or if this is impossible?

I have another question also. Is there another apps that I can use le (Scout) just to enter my inventory?


Can you send me a link to a eBay listing for wich GarageSale doesn’t import the variations correctly, so we can investigate?

Yes, here it is. I haven’t tested all my listings that have variations yet. I have many.

Thank you,

I see, you are using three attributes for you variations: Color, Size, Sealed/Unsealed.

GarageSale only supports one or two dimensional variation setups, that’s why your variation doesn’t get fully imported.

Before you ask, support for more variation is on our to do list, but won’t appear in the near future.

Gee, I have bought GS to keep up with my inventory. Will have to see if I can work round this problem.

Is there a way that I can link my inventory without including the inventory pic in my listing?

Thank you for the quick response.

Maybe you can start two listings different listings, one for the sealed and one for the un-sealed version?

If you remove the images from the inventory objects, they should not appear in the listings. Not sure if I understood your question correctly, though.

I would like to have a photo in my inventory but I may not want to use this image in my listing.

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