Variations problem with Safari

Hi all,

I am using GarageSale 8.2 and I set up an auction with variations (The link is below, its a phone case, with variations for different models of iPhone and different colours).
When I open the live auction in Firefox I have no problem, but when opening in Safari on the Mac (version 14.0 on MacOS 10.14.6) the webpage keeps reloading when I try to change a variation - specifically the model. Is this only my Mac, or do others get this problem too? Is this a bug in GarageSale, my Safari, or eBay?



I just tried it here with Safari and for me selecting variations worked like a charm - no reloading issues.
I think that’s only an issue with your Safari. Maybe it has to do with your cookie/security settings or an Safari extension you’re using?

Regards, Kristian

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