Verifying items in Smart Groups?

When I select a number of items in the RH pane of a Smart Group, the Activity Window shows that the items are being Verified. Is this the desired result? Shouldn’t the actual verification be performed on the actual item in its real location and not on a link? Just looking for a bit more speed as usual.

Seems to slow the whole Mac down.

Thanks David

Spindump 20200905.txt (2.9 MB)

No response from GS Team after 8 days so just keeping this post alive.

From the Spindump file it looks as if GarageSale is temporarily using 50G of RAM while loading the selected items from the Smart Group into memory to populate the various UI elements with a summary.

When physical RAM is exhausted, the system swaps out memory to your hard disk, which is a very time-consuming task, hence you get to see the beach ball.

I tried to replicated this with a smart group of 1800 items, but for me the process was instant. My guess is that your specific listings are triggering a certain memory consuming code path. Will do some more research…

Wow. That is interesting .

I was able to reproduce the issue after some tinkering and produce a fix in the last couple of days.

The fix reduces the time for selecting all items in a smart group with 3.600 listings from 18 seconds on my Mac to 1.4 second.

Substantial code changes were required to make this happen, so I guess we’ll stop the current 8.1.2 Beta train and move to a 8.2 Beta series. Stay tuned…


EXCELLENT!!! This is GREAT News!

Thanx Ilja!

Again thank you. That will speed up my work flow enormously.
Can’t wait.


Actually Ilja. If I can add one more thing about verification.

I never really need to verify at any point in time because I always use a duplicate to create a new listing. Therefore, once all my items have been verified, I can safely assume that all “newly duplicated” items are also verified, so verification at creation time is the only time where it should occur (even though it is strictly not necessary)- FOR MY workflow.

I know Ebay will change things and there is not much anyone can do about it so often the first a User knows about it is when attempting to list.

I recognise that others might work differently and my methods listed above may not work for everyone.

Me too.

I THINK David means eBay “start time”… Which I agree with.

Maybe an advanced preference to turn this off???


Turning off verification would be my top priority in GS. I have mentioned it a number of times previously.

BTW,Neal. I did mean creation in GS. It is a once only check and should never be done again, although there might be an argument for doing so after editing.

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