Verifying SOLD items

Why does GS8 verify SOLD items when I moved them to a different group?

Yes, I also noticed that if I select MANY (a whole bunch, like 2000+) listings, by mistake, it will go off and verify each and every one of them in serial (serially, one at a time) taking a VERY LONG time…

I’m not sure the exact steps/situation, but I can certainly track it down and make it happen.

Not THAT big of a deal, but just annoying…

MAYBE… It IS only SOLD items… When I come to think about it…


I think it may be all items, Neal.

This is what I got when I just highlighted some items marked as FINISHED and NOT SOLD.

My opinion on Verification, for what it is worth should only be done.

  1. When manually selected

  2. On listing if the user has selected it.

A rarely create a new listing but copy existing listings and modify so my verification errors are few - maybe postage or something like that.

I have just grown to dislike the spinning wheel of death. It is annoying when working with 1000s of items.


And sometimes (frequently) it gets item specifics’ for a sold item This might explain when I am seeing lengthy spinning beachballs when I select a large number of items. Frustrating.

Hi GS Team

Can we get your comments on this?

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