Video file doesn't show up in preview mode

Video file doesn’t show up in preview mode but it does show up in the editor mode and it does upload to ebay. It was working back in December but doesn’t show in the picture list now. This makes it appear in the photos list but not in the main body of the ebay listing

Could you send us that video file?

It sounds to as if GarageSale treats your video file as a regular image. How did you add that video file to your listing?

It is 49.8 mb but is 11.9 once compressed. I added it using the manage videos under the + on editor mode. I guess I am using wrong procedure?

Screen Shot 2023-07-15 at 8.05.23 AM

Screen Shot 2023-07-15 at 8.02.19 AM

I looked in the manual for proper way. I will try that next time. I was flying blind and guessing how to do it.
Update: The video upload tab under Window as the manual shows takes me to the same “my ebay videos” as I did previously.
AND the manual does say it will only show at the bottom of the editor mode.

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