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Sorry, I must be dense, but search is not working for me when I search orders.
However, I can search listings and find an item. If it has sold, then it has a small gift box icon on the right. However, I have no idea how to “open the order” from there.
What I am trying to do is search for an item, and then if it sold, see the details of the order and who bought it, at what price etc.
Thanks for any help!

You know, I just spent about 15 minutes in “well obviously it must be… no, that’s not it…” mode and this is a very good question.

As far as I can tell, the only way to reach the order is to open the Orders view (the little shopping cart in the upper tool bar, left), and look through “Ready to Ship” and so on until you see the one you’re interested in.

You can move from the order to the listing, by right-clicking on the image of the item in the Order view, and selecting selecting “Show Listing”. But as far as I can tell, there is no way to go the other direction. Which there should be!

It may be (the GS developers will tell us, hopefully) that this is because you can have multiple Orders for a given Listing (because of inventory counts or variants or whatever), but it feels like this argument does not make “find all the Orders” any less useful.

In the Listing switch to “Live” mode and make sure the Inspector sidebar is visible. Now you find all orders in the “Orders” tab of the Inspector sidebar.

Thank you! I admit I never even think to use “Live” mode, and I didn’t realize the sidebar contents change between view modes. Could we perhaps have a nice right-click-on-listing-item sort of lookup, too?

That worked! Thank you!

Thanks to both of you for helping me out on this! Was going a little crazy trying to see what price I sold a few items for. This solves the problem, even if it is a somewhat roundabout way to find a particular order.

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Gosh, just have to say thank you again. Already used this like 5 times since you solved it for me. So much faster than trying to do this on eBay, and depending on when it sold, often not even possible on eBay.
Thank you!!!

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