Want to bulk list without having to add attributes

Hi there, I am a fairly sporadic user and haven’t listed in a while. Ive imported a load of listings from scout and after having bulk allocated categories, just want to list. I don’t want to have to add attributes for each listing as the description covers it. However GS won’t let me list without ensuring every item has a minimum amount of attributes added. I don’t need to do this is I go via the main eBay app. Am I missing something?! Thanks!

Could you post a screenshot of the error message you get?
Regards, Kristian

Sure, here’s a test listing showing same problem

Hi - any thoughts on this issue? Thanks

These are item specifics required by eBay. eBay won’t let you start the listing until you add them.
I don’t think there’s a way around this.

Regards, Kristian

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