WARNING "Additional P&P Charge Was Dropped"

I wonder if anyone can assist with this minor issue

When I prepare to upload some listings with Garage Sale, the Launch Control usually tells me all is OK but just recently is has come up with warning as below for every listing.

“Additional P&P charge was dropped from the listing either because it is not applicable or the quantity was set to <=1.”

Nothing has changed on my listings and I have been using the same templates for years so am wondering what the issue is. The issue resolves itself if I take out the International Shipping option. Even with the warning the items are still uploading OK, still work on Ebay and it has caused no other problems so far. They are all auction items and and there are no additional P&P charges listed so I am at a loss to explain it. Have tried many options to fix it but as soon as I add International Shipping, the warning appears again. I have the latest version of garage sale 8.1.1 (1233) and have not updated anything recently. Hope my rambling make some sort of sense.

Ant ideas ? Thanks in advance.


I have exactly the same problem. I listed 10 items last Monday night on ebay.co.uk, which included shipping charges, in the UK and internationally. I was scheduling tonight with duplicated templates and now am getting the message shared in the screenshot. Will these items upload with the yellow warning? And what does this message even mean? And why now when it worked perfectly last week? Please help!Screenshot 2020-09-07 at 17.59.14

Yes they will still upload no problem. At least I now know its not me or my computer, must be something Ebay has done behind the scenes.
I have found that if i take out the International postage option it reverts back to normal with no issues. I think out may be a case of wait and see if it resolves itself, have had no other replies or ideas what to do ?

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