Watch List syncing

Hi there,

The thing I love about GarageBuy is the device level notification it gives me 10 minutes before an auction ends for any item in my watch list. The issue is I mostly use the official eBay app to add items to my watch list and GarageBuy doesn’t sync them automatically after setting up the eBay token. With me constantly adding to my watch list I would need to constantly refresh my auth token to get the alerts to appear.

Is there any plans to add automatic watch list syncing to a future version?


Hi AaronR,

you’re referring to the iOS version of GarageBuy, is that true?

Maybe I didn’t get this correctly but as long as you have “Import from eBay” selected in the preferences, items that you add to your watch list on the eBay website should appear in GarageBuy automatically.
I just checked it here and it worked like a charm.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

Yes sorry, the current iOS version of GarageBuy on an iPhone X (iOS 12.2).

I have that option selected in preferences but the new favourites were not appearing, only the ones that were present when I last grabbed the auth token.

BUT - since your message I think I may have figured it out. Do I need to open the app to have it download the latest updates on my eBay account? I honestly only use the app as a notification/reminder machine at the moment as I still prefer to use the native app for finding potential deals. Due to this, I never actually open the app on my phone, so I’m guessing it never fires off the call to eBay to download the latest favourites? Would that be accurate?

Yes, I think that makes sense.

Regards, Kristian