What do you do after you list 1 item?

I created a new template, built an action, listed it, now what? Do I have to create a new template for every auction? Do I edit the original template so I can relist and revise through the inspector?

Say I want to list my max 300 items without opening a store? 300 template and 300 archived auctions, do they expire and purge or do I have to delete every sold item?

If your auctions are for identical items, you can just start new auctions from the same template. But they will most likely get blocked by eBay’s duplicate item policy during launch.

If you item are not identical, I suggest you duplicate the original template and make changes to the newly selected copy.

Templates never go away automatically. You have to delete them manually.

For finished auctions, there is a setting in the preferences to delete them after a certain period of time.

I was wanting to avoid having 300 templates or more for running auctions at a time, but I’m learning that editing a base template over and over for the convenience of bulk revising or relisting through the inspector, I’m now worried that my photos by overwriting the same template everytime using the garagesale pic hosting, not sure those photos for earlier auctions stay linked like it should when duplicating a base template and creating a new template(auction) off original template.

Has anyone tried to relist an auction, with hosted pictures from the “auctions create from this template” in the inspector? I tried to revise 1 auction based off my original template and it overwrote the live auction with what was in the current working template I was changing, it didn’t bring up the original auction to edit.

This is the intended behavior. If you want to use GarageSale’s revise/relist features, you need to keep a template for each started listing.

I guess what is confusing is using the term templates for items not items or running auctions based off of templates. That said, what is the benefit of My Auctions? They are just an un-editable copy of all the templates I have to keep if I need to relist or revise an item. The templates are yellow for running, green for bid, black for sold as well.

Auctions are there to keep track of your watchers, bids, etc. and for stopping listings. When we originally conceived GarageSale it was possible to start multiple listings from the very same listing on eBay, so that’s an artifact from that era. Today, eBay prevents such workflows by rejecting similar listings as duplicates.

Therefore, in the upcoming GarageSale 7, there will be only listings instead of templates and auctions.

Hope this helps.