What is a "PrivateListingFee"?


I am entirely new to GarageSale and just finding my way around. I was preparing my first listing and noticed that the “Start”-window was showing me strange eBay fees.

This is a “Good until…” listing for a fixed “buy now” price with no additional options. GarageSale tells me that I am supposed to pay 1€ consisting of a “0,50 € listing fee” and another “0,50 € PrivateListingFee”. I was under the impression that the first 320 listings on eBay are entirely free? I also could not find any information here what a “PrivateListingFee” is.

Can somebody help me out here?

Many thanks,

Check if you have this box checked.

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Indeed, thanks very much! GS is a bit more complicated than I anticipated.

It’s easy once you get all the settings the way you need. The best thing you can do is read the online manual when you get the chance

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