What is "Non Leaf" mean.? few "problems"

just started doing my listings this year and have found a few problem (well what think is"

  1. a lot of what I have to list is very old book… yet it seem to want me to find ebay product details. any way of canceling this as it is all in the description.

  2. what is “non-leaf”…very cryptic to me. I have removed this from being listed item from being in my ebay store, but still get an error mark. why.? (as I have selected this ebay catagory as Magazines (Australia) there is no “other” so what is that about.?

is that to do with MyEbay store. and if so is ther any way to BULK un select using my ebaystore… I have tried selecting all teh auctions and selecting and then unseleting the “use my Ebay Store” check box but that doe snot seem to work at all.

  1. when I select a ebay category, I am sure GS6 had an “OK” button. can we please have that back. I know I can click outside of that field to get back to the listing, but insome non-GS program to do that often cancels the selection. I like the peace of mind in knowing that I have definatley selected and OK’ed that selection. (if you get what I mean)

  2. when the garrage sale launch centre comes up with the problems. shound I be able to click on the headding of th eitem with the problem to go to that listing, rather than click over to the folder window and have to scroll to find the ite,…? also if I wish to cancel, how come the Cancel button is greyed out.? should I be able to cancle out at any time.?

  3. (slowly working through this problem) when I do find the listing with the problem, it come sup with fields pre-filled. that is OK with me. but I am sure GS6 had an “OK” button. ???

  4. I went through the listings. and seem to have sorted out the Red flagged problem, but not the yellow flaged problems (cant find out what to do with them at all), But now I have the “Start Listings” button now active. BUT NO the “Cancel Button”… why.??? I would have through the “Cancel” button should have been active during all of this.

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You can right-click on that warning from eBay and let GarageSale ignore it in future.

That’s another error message from eBay. Your store categories you’re using in GarageSale seem to be out-dated. Please update them in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts (“Update Account Details”):

Sure, make sure to bulk-edit the selected listings correctly, it’s a bit tricky. Please see the help (and the animation) here:

GarageSale 7 uses so-called “PopOver” windows. They usually don’t have “OK” buttons.

To cancel the upload you can always hit the red close button of the Launch Control window. The “Cancel” button can cancel a running upload as far as I know.

Hope this helps,

wow. thanks for getting back so fast… (11 hours, and I am the other side of the world. the miracles of steam driven internet. wonderful support. I am still waiting years on a question to Adobe on Photoshop… hahahah)

explained a lot, in clear details… though I do miss the “OK” buttons…

will have to try them all out and see how I go.

regards, Sandy

So… There is no way to “Cancel” changes made in these dialogs/PopOverWindows???

True, they usually don’t have Cancel or OK buttons.
Many settings support the undo command though (cmd-z).

just tried to list a few new items, only for come up with red flag errors.
so I seleted all the 4 items, and then went to the “Add details” and clicked on what I wanted it set to.
ONLY to find that only the first item was modified, and the other three wernt… so it wont bacth change settings… had to go though each individualy… (this was OK, but some of my folders of listings have over a hundred items per folder)… sould could you please make this work over a selected batch please…

(I am asuming that a “Bundled Listing” is seevrel items in one. or what.?)
regards, Sandy

Finding out more all the time.

have juste epent a frustrating time trying to modify the options in th e"Add Details" section. did it once, and it did not set. went bact another three times before it finaly locked in.

NEW Questions. how can I make some of the options in the "Add destails into the default setting.
eg. I dont know what a budle listing is and would like to set it to “NO” permenanetly for all listings.
regards, Sandy
Set permenetly

Hi Nurgles
Why not just delete Bundle Listing detail? just hit the minus (-) button to the right :slight_smile:

will give it a try… I am just trying to enter info that ebay/GS asked for, and am not sure if deleting such would throw up other errors of red flags.?
regards, Sandy

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