What is the Smart Group field Multi Item Auction

Using GarageSale Version 7.0.14b3 (831), macOS Version 10.12.6 (16G1212)

What does the Smart Group filter field “Multi Item Auction” refer to??

Does it reflect the “Lot Size” field in Advanced Options pane, which also has a “use lot size” checkbox??
And is it the same as the AppleScript property “lot size”/“use lot size”?

I have about 115 listings that have the Smart Group field “Multi Item Auction” set to Yes, but I can not figure out why the Smart Group thinks this field is set to Yes…

Wow, that’s a bad name. I looked it up int the code. It returns listings that have the checkbox in front of the “quantity” field checked.

I’m trying to come up with something better, but “Quantity Checkbox enabled” doesn’t sound that much better, does it?

Perfect! How about “Uses Quantity”? “Uses Quantity” and also “Quantity”.

This would match the other checkbox filters:
Uses Starting Bid
Starting Bid
Uses Buy It Now
Buy It Now Price
Uses Reserve Price
Reserve Price

AppleScript Dictionary has:
quantity (integer) : Its quantity.
use quantity (boolean) : Should the listing have a quantity.
buy it now price (real) : The ‘Buy It Now’ price.
use buy it now (boolean) : Should the listing have a ‘Buy It Now’ price.
starting bid price (real) : The starting bid price.
use starting bid (boolean) : Should the listing have a starting bid.
reserve price (real) : The reserve price.
use reserve price (boolean) : Should the listing have a reserve price.
use lot size (boolean) : Is a set of two or more similar items included in a single listing.
lot size (integer) : Number of similar items included in a single listing.

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