What marketplaces besides eBay should GarageSale support?

Any hints on what marketplaces you are considering? Hoping for some sort of Wordpress or Woo Commerce solution. Would love to start driving customers to my own site!

I understand about giving a drop dead date. I’m a graphic designer and everyone wants it tomorrow. Lol!
Any rough estimate? Next year, 2-3 months? Really looking forward to etsy and amazon too

We’d most likely start off the with big ones like Amazon or Etsy. I’m pesimistic about support for self-installed solutions. Getting GarageSale to work with whatever FTP server the user are running on their image server is already quite hard, and that’s only used for transferring image files, not for far more complicated listings and orders.

I heard good things about the Squarespace E-commerce solution, but haven’t researched if the offer an API for third parties like us.

So sorry for pulling up an old thread, but I’m brand new to GarageSale & wanted to get my vote in for Etsy. Peek in the Etsy forums & you’ll very quickly find that Etsy-ians are in DIRE NEED of a tool like this!!

I sell collectibles and antiques, I would be crazy if I didn’t give my vote for Del Campe!!! Then I heard of ecwid.com and I was thinking about opening a shop there… also etzy seems to be nice…

Amazon and Discogs get my vote.

Is the iwascoding team still considering cross-platform integration? I believe it to be a natural evolution of your product, with the ability to post sales to multiple platforms through one listing , ending a sale on all platforms when stock runs out on one, etc.

Please get back to us! I’m absolutely sure the majority of your customers want to know if you plan to develop this feature into future versions. If y’all don’t do it, someone else will. Trust.

What other platforms are you thinking about?

For one, an iOS app thats as powerful as the Mac version. I haven’t used Garagesale Touch more than once or twice since I purchased it because it wasn’t…good enough.

I’m not an Android user but that’s a huge audience you might want to tap into.

If the iOS version would be as powerful as the Mac version, we’d need to charge to same about of money for it. Unfortunately, I don’t think a lot of people would be ready to spend $40 for an iOS app.

Android users don’t pay for apps: