What marketplaces besides eBay should GarageSale support?


We are planning features for the next major update for GarageSale. We are wondering if you already selling your items on other marketplaces besides eBay, or would consider seller somewhere else if GarageSale would support it.

If you’d like GarageSale to include other marketplaces, please let us know. An API (interface) that lets third-party developers like us communicate with such a marketplace is required.

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Hi Ilja -

That would be awesome! It would be great to have one database for multiple marketplaces! ETSY would be great, and what would really be amazing would be some sort of WORDPRESS interoperability. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t complain about ebay, and with the changes that may be coming down the pike it would be great for all of us to start building our brands independently. And maybe the ability to manage across selling platforms? An item sells on ETSY gets ended on EBAY!


Etsy for sure! I would want it to be all-in-one though. In my dream world I could have one listing in both places and it automatically immediately end in one store if it sold in the other.

My vote would be for eBid!

Though they don’t have anywhere near the traffic that eBay does, I use eBid, BidStart, and Delcampe. This is because most of my business is in collectibles including stamps, covers, and postcards.

Gumtree, eBid and Quicksales
Etsy too I suppose

That’s for the Aussies out there!

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Thanks for the suggestions so far. I’m surprised nobody mentioned Amazon. Any ideas why it isn’t popular?

I didn’t mention it because I assumed it was not API. I only use the “big 3” - Ebay, Amazon, & Etsy.

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Personally, although adding support for other marketplaces on top of eBay could be great and very useful for some (a lot) of users of GS, I think there is still quite a lot of work to get GS working perfectly with eBay. I’ve only been using GS for a few weeks but have already found a number of things that don’t work as described, as well as they can… or at all.

Don’t get me wrong, overall I am loving using GS, I just feel that adding more marketplaces right now would be a mistake and just end up bloating GS before it achieves 100% of what current users signed up/paid for.

Just my opinion.

Amazon, etsy, and craiglist. I would be the first to jump on this. Also, if you can integrate with freight companies would be awesome.

Thanks for considering.


Craigslist would be my #1 choice followed by Amazon. I tried selling on ETSY and Bonanza but haven’t had the same success as eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon. Also an app like Garagebuy for craigslist would be handy too.

I vote for Amazon.

Having GarageSale handle different marketplaces would make me love this program even more.

Amazon and Craiglist.

We sell on Reverb among others and thinking of Rakuten. Please consider it!


Amazon will be great

As far as I understand Amazon’s documentation, a seller needs to subscribe to a certain kind of store, that is about $100/month in order to use third-party listing tools with their account?

Would this be a deal-breaker for some of you?

It would be a deal breaker for me.

100 a month is not a deal breaker for amazon for me. every business needs to spend money to make it.

etsy is a must and amazon too.

when do you think these will roll out? any dates? thanks

Thanks for feedback on Amazon.

Sorry, no dates yet. We don’t wanna get crucified for not shipping on time. :wink:

We need to make big architectural changes to GarageSale to support multiple e-commerce platforms. So the first release after the new architecture is in place will probably only support eBay. Once we’ll have this version shipped, we add more platforms in x.1 and x.2 releases.

Amazon for sure. If you’re going multi-channel, are you planning on introducing a centralised inventory management that auto adjusts the stock levels on each marketplace?

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