What's the largest sized image GarageSale can handle?

I’m trialling GarageSale for the first time. All looks good with a fair choice of templates.

However, I sell stamps on ebay. As such, they really need a large image so that buyers can see the detail (by large, I mean dimensions, not pixels).

The templates have lots of options for thumbnails and multiple pictures. My needs are the opposite - I need just one large image that fills the space available…ideally from one side of the screen to the other.

Is this doable? Alternatively, which template will give me the image with the greatest dimensions?


Hello Nick,
we almost sell the same thing and so we have the same need. I try to reply to your message.
There are different way to show images in description, but the maximum size, if you use GS image server, will always be maximum 1200x800. Then, thumbnails or not thumbnails, template A or template B… it does not make any difference. If you have thumbnails, you see small images in description but clicking on them you can see the full images (max 1200x800). If you select “show first image on top”, they won’t be thumbnails and you will see in full size in description (still 1200x800 if you use GS server). If you have images larger than 1200x800, the only way to see them in full dimensions is using your own server and not GS’s. But I cannot explain you how to do it because I am not able :smile: but I think it is exactly what you need. And of course you can do it from GS.
I hope you will find it useful.


As already pointed out by @fedege96, if you are using our free image server, we will downsize your image to 1200x800 pixels when starting your auction). However, you GarageSale can connect to your own web server (provided it offers FTP or WebDAV access). If that’s the case, you can set GarageSale to not alter the image size during uploading and you can use any image size you think is reasonable.

Check out the layout called “Images Up” it includes all images (event if you only have one) at their maximum size above your description.

Thanks guys, very helpful.

I checked out the layouts using Images Up but the images are still really small. There is so much wasted space around the photo.

It looks like using a web server is the way to go. I do not have a host server so will have to get that sorted too. Any recommendations on who to use?

Are there also instructions on how to embed images in GS from your server? I’m fine with WYSIWYG but no good with HTML. The simpler the better!


This might be a problem with how your image files are encoded. Can you please send me the listing file you you are trying with (‘File’ menu > ‘Export Listings’)? This way we can figure out what’s going on.

There should be no HTML required. GarageSale will automatically upload your images as needed and embed the links to the upload images in your description automatically. What you see in the preview is pretty much what appears on eBay. No manual image upload or HTML editing required.

That’s very useful, thanks.

GarageSale’s imaging is definitely inferior to Auctiva/Sixbit etc where you can fill the page with a photo - really important for detailed images like stamps and coins. But the interface is great!

It would be great to have a template that automatically allowed large images to be displayed. I’m going to have a go with with remote hosting the images to see how things look…

Hello @nick777vvv,
I am here as a seller exactly as you are so I am absolutely impartial.
Are you really sure Auctiva’s image system is better? I don’t think so at all, I tried and spent time above it and there are many reason to say that it is (from my point of view) ages behind GS. Besides (talking of numismatic wakes me up) a good photo of a coin or a stamp does not mean a huge photo, but a good photo (first of all white balance, background color, depth of fields and so on). I judge much more professional 2 good photos that can be enlarged than 10 medium quality which completely take up my screen (I find it really annoying, especially if image is so huge that modifies eBay page’s width). Trust me, 1200x800 is much more than enough for a coin or a stamp! Maybe not for a in-folio book, but that’s not your matter. Anyway, this is just an advice, de gustibus non disputandum est :relaxed:

Hi fedege96
You may be right. Perhaps I was a little too quick to judge before making a proper comparison. It is only my frustration with not being able to use a template with one large image when there are so many templates with smaller images and thumbnails.

I will experiment over the next few days. The image size is certainly not everything. Simplicity and speed of entering data is also very important.

I take it all back. Did I really say that GS is inferior to Auctiva?

Just loaded my first listing using the new software and it looks fantastic.

Great job!

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