When Ebay no longer uses Paypal

Are things in place for Garagesale when Ebay starts to take payments direct for items sold, instead of using Paypal. From what I understand when someone purchases an item Ebay themselves will take the payment, which then will be deposited in your bank.
You can still purchase an item using any method including PayPal but PayPal will no longer be where a sellers money is deposited from a buyer.

I presume when this happens V7 of Garagesale will be not usable as it looks like a lot of changes coming.

My assumption is that you will be fine. In the will probably send you a warning about discontinued payment method, but you listing will still list.

In V8 will you update to Include Ebay related payments & fees (other than/Instead of PayPal fees etc), as when it comes to say using Reports we won’t be able to get a full picture of Profit.

Assuming that eBay has an API for retrieving those fees, we’ll most certainly add it once we get around to do it. I’ll added a ticket for our to our to do list.

HAs anyone had information as to when the changes will occur?

I think the changes are already live on many eBay platforms. You might need to opt-in to eBay managed payments, though.

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More FAQ on the ebay spring seller update page.

Can anyone confirm they are on an Ebay platform using the Ebay only pay method?


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