Where are my photos?

This program is getting worse and worse!!

I have over 1,000 items up on ebay using GarageSale and for the past month I have been updating the photos sizes and placing files into the media browser with 72 dpi photos thinking it would stop bogging up my computer! Well guess what, it is worse then ever - Should I remove all of those files and instead store the assets folders on a external hard drive? Attached are the screen shots of what I am going through - I have to open/close the program multiple times before items upload to Ebay, then sometimes my assets are missing?

Please advise
I am so busy and need to get this program working asap


For assets missing before listing: what are the file formats and where are they stored? In a picture folder under your username? What version of OS X are you using?

  • I’m wondering if there is an issue with the permissions for the images
  • Could there be an issue with the files? Possibilities include dimensions, size, whether there is an extension to the file (I always have extensions although Macs don’t need them maybe this app does?)…

If you uploaded a listing with the assets not in the template, would the listing have the images in it? If so ->

What is your setting under Preferences -> Image Server?

I’ve had very few problems with images, although I had one listing (out of dozens) have an error the other day. This is usually eBay’s issue, as I’ve seen it occur in the past on manual listings (done through the eBay “wizard” for listing step-by-step).

Last thing: if you close and reopen the app and it eventually starts working, I am pretty sure the problem is outside of the app. There’s nothing logical about the program changing how it works because you went through a couple of passes of opening and closing. With that in mind, I’d recommend you contact the support - these people are usually quick to respond (within 24 hours) and very helpful.

I hope you’ll update the post to indicate the solution – and if you want more help from the community, answer the questions I’ve laid out.

Best regards,

When you drag an image into GarageSale, GarageSale copies the image to the folder Library/Application Support/GarageSale/Auction Images.

(If you bought GarageSale from the Mac App Store, the location is a little different).

Does the application just hang as seen on the first screenshot you posted?

YES… then after a few times of opening and closing it finally pushes through to Ebay - now today, the program won’t work at all - “Internal error to the application” Error 10007!!
So brutal
I hope you can help me


Yes I think I bought from Apple back in the day - I am using the newest version that you posted

Thank you

I understand that the errors are because of Ebay - but I know this does not… Here is another screen shot of what is going on now?

Thank you for your help

Hi Melissa,

wow, that looks odd. Could it be that you made some changes to your fonts recently?

If not, did you insert your own HTML code? Maybe it breaks the Preview somehow. It’s worth a try to create an empty auction template and check the Preview then once again.

Regards, Kristian

No to anything you stated… but when I close the program and reopen, then it goes back to normal. Many many times I have to open/close the program to get it to work. Now, when I finally get it going it works great. I sometimes don’t close my computer down for days because Im afraid of how long its gonna take me to get the program going again!

Thank you for your responses
I DO depend on this program everyday

Today the program still is not generating the photos right away, stalls out, crashes then finally views the photos! Now its just stuck on uploading to Ebay, sure hope you guys can help me? I am going on 2-hours trying to get this thing going today…Super frustrated, ugh!

Thank you

Also, I want to add something… Sometimes when it does not go through to Ebay I press cancel then try and send it through to Ebay and it just gets stuck - so I have to close it down, re-open and try again! Over and over and over until it finally goes through - Once it finally goes through then I’m good for a while till it crashes then have to start over with the process…


Thank you

When the application hangs, can you open the Console application in /Application/Utilities and look if there is anything output from GarageSale visible from around the time when it hung?

Now the program will not open - id like to visit with Apple and see if they can help me?

There is nothing in the console application about GS when its hung? Its hanging right now as a matter of fact - what does that tell you? Anything…

Thank you

PS while writing this note, GS finally went through…

I have not heard anything back for a while from your company? I did want to mention that when it doesn’t process and I open up the preferences and refresh the access connection and go back to try and reload a product if for sure just spins and never makes a connection? So I close it down and then reopen and it just spins forever! Then after this process many many times then it will final go through - then its fine for the rest of the day

thank for your help

It’s hard to tell what’s slowing your computer down from here. Is are a few data points you could gather that would help us isolate the problem:

  1. How big is your GarageSale database?
    Please take a look in Library/Application Support/GarageSale and report the size of the file GarageSale.sqlite.
  2. While GarageSale is showing you the beachball, how much free RAM does your Mac have?
    Open the “Activity Monitor” utility, select the memory tab. If you deduct “Memory Used” from “Physical Memory” how much is left?
  3. Where is GarageSale spending it’s time when the beach ball shows.
    Select GarageSale in the process list of the “Activity Monitor” utility, and choose “Run Spindump” from the “View” menu. (You might need to enter an admin password at this point). No do something were you think GarageSale will give you the beach ball. After about some amount of beach balling, stop the spin dumpand save its log to disk. Please send me that log file.

I was wonder if the newest version is available for download - I am still working in the 6.9.8b6 version and its not working at all! Ive been trying desperately to load an item onto Ebay since 10:30 this morning and its now 4:27! Im going crazy! Id love to try the newest version if possible


A little bit more details would be super helpful. :wink:

Here is a link to the most current 7.0 version: