Where Can I Drop My Backed Up .garageSale Files?

Working on the next step:

I have .garageSale files from backups, but I have no idea how to make them work. OPEN WITH doesn’t do anything, nor does double-clicking.

I’m talking about files im the backup with names like:

Heart-Shaped Candy Tin with Teddy Bear Surrounded by Roses.garageSale

I was told at one point that /Library/Container/com.iwascoding.garageSale was the place, but I have no such path. I unhid all my files, but nothing even close.

In fact, aside from backups, I can’t find comiwascoding.garageSale at all.

Can you please tell me where I could drop these files so that they end up GS7 as usable listings?

In your backup, do you have the folder /Library/Container/com.iwascoding.garageSale?

That’s what you need to copy (or preferably restore).
However, it may be worth re-installing GS afresh to create /Library/Container/com.iwascoding.garageSal with the correct permissions, then moving the contents in from the backup.

Try copying it in from the backup first and then if that fails, you will probably need to try the re-install method.


There is no /Library/Container/ on my computer.

I know that most apps install stuff there, but after my[faulty] Carbonite restore, everything – I mean EVERY thing ended up in the cloud. No /Container/ anywhere.

I’ve searched everything, unhiding all files.

I did find a BUNCH of apps in /Library/Application Support/ thought not GS. And it’s probably for something different.

Should I just make a folder called Container?

You see, David? This is why I mentioned that I am considering backing up everything manually and wiping my whole drive and starting fresh. There is so much wrong with this computer since that Carbonite fiasco!

These seem to be files you found somewherere in the GarageSale database folder?
They doesn’t seem to be GarageSale listings that you exported from within GarageSale using the Export command previously. This would explain why you can’t open them.

GarageSale 7 keeps your database in a folder called
com.iwascoding.garagesale7 in your User Library* under
Macintosh HD/Users/ yourUserName /Library/Containers

*Please note: The User Library is hidden by default. To access it click the Finder’s “Go” menu and press the option (alt) and shift key to make the User Library show up in the menu. Selecting it will open it in the Finder. (There are also other ways to ake the User Library visible.)

It’s worth a try to check your backup for that specific path/folder once again but
if your GarageSale database wasn’t backuped properly, there’s no way to recover your data, unfortunately.

Hope this helps,

Yes, I apologize. I’ve mentioned it in another thread and I must’ve thought that I’d said it here. I have them on my external drive in Time Machine backups, I cannot use Time Machine for a RESTORE, but I can see them anyway.

I unhid everything, but still no /Containers.


Hi Michelle,

your Screenshot shows your system Library, not your User Library.

Please see my mark in your screenshot below. You have to select
Users > your user name > Library > Containers


Regards, Kristian

Oh! It does help! Thank you, Kristian.

Is this what the Data folder should look like?

Looks really good to me Michelle. Good luck.

Thanks. I hope this closes the issue!

Yes, but note that you should only transfer the whole “com.iwascoding.garagesale7” folder.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks, @kristian, will do.

Tell me, will having two different com.iwascoding.garageSale7 folders under /Containers/ hurt anything, or do I have to move the current one out?

You can’t have two folders with the very same name in the same directory. You might want to rename the current GarageSale database folder to something like “com.iwascoding.garageSale7-current” if you want to keep it for now.

Regards, Kristian

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