Where can I find an explanation of the Payment policy stuff

I have tried to find whatthey mean uine GS help manuals Google search…to no

I have tried to select multiple listing with in one folder, to global convert them all but the settings dont hold, and go beack to the red error sign…

(considering when I make a listing, I then duplicate it and then modify that for the next item and so on, I dont know who any variance can happen.

Paypal avail.

chane the listing to paypal only, but when I click off it, and then come back i still get an error sign…



You get that “Different Settings” error because in some of your selected listing you have a payment profile selected and in some you don’t.
Bulk-editing those listings is not supported.

What you could do is to only select listings that use/don’t use a payment profiles
or you use the “Copying and Pasting Listing Components” feature instead:

Regards, Kristian

Thank you for the prompt explanation.

I have also copied the manuals link to my favourites, as the programs help does not seem to find much, and often onlygive me thegoogle option.

regards, Sandy

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