Where is the GS library on Mac High Sierra?

Hello guys,
I really can’t seem to find the GS library in this OS. I need to transfer it to another computer, but I can’t find the folder. I did this a year ago, and it worked but I am stuck now. Other thing I really will appreciate learning is, if I transfer the library via Export or just by moving the original one, how I can save the folders created in there? Some time ago, I exported 100 listings, all sorted with folders and sub-folders, but when I open those in a new GS, only the listings are showing up, folders are gone. Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


if you’re using GarageSale 7, please see entry #17 in the FAQs here how to transfer your GarageSale database to another Mac:

The folder structure shouldn’t be touch by doing this as far as I can tell.

Regards, Kristian

Hey, thanks, that worked.

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