Where to turn off 'Product Information'?

Is there a wayin GarageSale to deselect the option for ebay automatically adding their product information to my GarageSale listings? Or do I have to do this manually in ebay’s edit listing for each item?

Under ‘Edit Product Details’, in GarageSale there are no boxes checked, but some of my listings still have ebay’s product information added into my listings.

Here is a screen shot showing the check box that I would like unchecked by default.


If you are using GS7, view your listing in ‘Preview Mode’, look at the Inspector Panel. Is there anything shown behind Product:

The only thing shown after Product: is a circle with the + inside, when clicking on the blue + the window that opens has no information in it at all and the three check boxes at the bottom of the window are unchecked.

Did you perhaps fill in the barcode field in GarageSale?


So there’s no way to use the barcode and then deselect the product info?

Hmm, why wouldn’t you want eBay’s product info displayed? :thinking:

I my specific case, I am listing collector’s blu-ray steelbook movies. All of that gibberish that ebay loads in is just adding a lot of needless crap and trailers on the movie and not the details on the collector’s item. People are having to scroll through all of that stuff just to get to the details and pictures of the actual item.

I see. We have to do some research to see if it’s even possible to turn off the product information when the barcode is used.

Thanks for looking into this, I’ll keep modifying the listings through ebay’s listing editor. At least I can do it there.

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