Which version for OS X Lion 10.7.5?


I’m still a user of OS X Lion 10.7.5, running on an old 17’’ A1297 MacBook.
If possible, I would prefer not upgrading the operating system.

Is there any hope that GarageSale 7 can work on Lion 10.7.5, although OS X >= 10.10 is mentioned in the requirements?

If not, is there a compabitility table of which OS X versions are supported by each GarageSale version?


Sorry, your are out of luck. When building GarageSale 7, we made extensive use of operating system functions only available on macOS version 10.10 and later. There’s no way we could make GS run on older macOS versions without investing several months of work.

Also, since we still have older GS 6 version that do still start on GS 6, they are not compatible with eBay’s recent active content and HTTPS policy changes.

Hi Leon,

note that the latest version of macOS is 10.13! GarageSale 7 supports Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 and 10.13. That’s not too bad, isn’t it?

GarageSale 7 is not and won’t be available for earler versions, e.g. Mac OS X 10.7.
It’s highly recommended to upgrade to GarageSale 7. GarageSale 6 is too old and does not support the numerous eBay changes.
GarageSale 7 still supports older OSX versions like Mac OS X 10.10 or higher but if you still use an older system you might want to consider to upgrade your hardware.

If you visit the Downloads section on the GarageSale website you can click on the “Download Older Versions” button. Older GarageSale versions for older OSX versions are still listed there.

Regards, Kristian

Dear Ilja, Dear Kristan,

Thank you for your fast answer.

In fact, I was wrong about my model of MacBook. It’s an A1212 from 2006.
17’’ 2,33 GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro 2,1.
MacBooks with such matte display are rare. This model is comfortable and I like it.
I checked that unfortunately the lastest supported version of OS X for this model is Lion 10.7.5 : https://eshop.macsales.com/guides/Mac_OS_X_Compatibility

Currently, on the second hand market, a more recent MacBook, even with a small 13’’ glossy display would cost me around 300 EUR. And the more recent the serie, the less reliable. I see many graphic cards failures with newer series, especially with the 15’’.

It would be great if in the future, you could make the “eBay rules” independant from the librairies that you use for coding the GUI and other things, so that one can “patch” an old version of GarageSale with eBay newest rules, by downloading some file.
Probably is this not easy to implement. I let you see if this seems possible.

I have four more questions

  1. Is GarageSale 6 compatible with OS X Lion 10.7.5 ?
    I was aware about the possibility to download older versions, but cannot see any compatibility table. For a given OS X version, it is difficult do know which is the latest comptaible GS version.

  2. If I take care of respecting the new eBay rules, would GarageSale 6 still work great or would it have lot of problems interacting with eBay ?

  3. If I plan acquiring a new MacBook is there a way to already purchase GarageSale 7 and install and activate it later ?

  4. Is it possible to purchase Garage Sale via PayPal, taking advantage of todays “Black Friday” special offer ?


The last version compatible with that version of macOS is 6.8. You can download if from here:


However, I doubt that version 6.8 will be fully functional, since it might not know about current eBay rules. Especially image handling might be a problem, since it doesn’t know about the new HTTPS rules.

Yes, we advice to use Apple’s migration assisted to get your data onto your new Mac.

Unfortunately not. You either need a credit card or an Europan bank account (SEPA) to purchase our software.

Thank you Ilja,
I could find a more recent MacBook that I had, but must reinstall the OS as I cannot find where I put its HDD. Is the Black Friday offert till midnight ? Not sure if I have enough money on my debit “credit card”. SEPA payment could also be possible, but not before monday.

The offer should be good until Monday morning. Once we get to the office, had a coffee and/or tea, we’ll turn it off.

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The offer should be good until Monday morning. Once we get to the office, had a coffee and/or tea, we’ll turn it off.

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