Who here successfully syncs?

For those of you on Version 8.x, I’m curious how many of you consistently are able to sync between multiple computers, and if you can sync ok, I wonder how many listings you have?

I have yet to be able to sync for more than a couple days before the syncing process just stops with an error message. I have had to delete the online database and reupload my database three times and it only works for a couple days. This is too unreliable for me and very dangerous for my data.

Garage Sale is a subscription-based product now and the expectations for usability and stability are higher as they should be.

How about at least getting a mid-range subscription price where you can opt-out of the synching? I don’t mind paying a subscription to encourage and pay for development and improvements, but I need it to work… consistently.

Today is my last day of “Pro” since upgrading to version 8.0. Synching is broken so I had to shut it off because I don’t want old data from the server corrupting all the changes I’ve added the past few days.

Very frustrating… (Garage Sale user since version 2.x I think… It’s been years.)

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