Whole New Problem: Collectibles Gone?

So, I can’t relist about 50 items because they were in subcats of the Collectibles category and GS doesn’t load anything in that category.

I refreshed my access token twice. No help.

I’m using 7.0.6b4 (787) which is, according to the About tab, the latest version.

Am I the only one with all these disappearing kind of problems? I couldn’t find any other threads about any of the last three problems I’ve had.

I’m sorry. I should mention that GS changes the category to UNKNOWN, presumably because it sees nothing on eBay that matches the subcats?

Oh, jeez. It’s the crazy lady again…

I posted too soon. A bunch more of my listings can’t be relisted, so I did a check from inside GS, and the following categories are entirely empty:

Business & Industrial
Health & Beauty
Home & Garden
Sporting Goods

I have a question on the same issue. Ebay changed my most used category and I now have 100s if not 1000s of listings that are now category ‘unknown’. In the absence of batch editor and or find/replace which is always greyed out, how can I modify all ‘unknown’ to a specific category?

MacOS Sierra 10.12.2
GS 7.0.5 (783)

Regards David

That’s exactly what my problem is, David.

Let me ask you this: My original post has a list of categories which are empty on GS. Apparently, that’s why they’ve been switched to “Unknown.”

If you go to your dropdown for categories, are those caegories I mentioned blank?

Not sure I understand you Michelle. The categories I previously used (Australia/Collectables/Trading Cards) no longer exists.


Ok. Is that category still in the dropdown?

  • In the right side pane, click on “Category 1” which currently says UNKNOWN.
  • Click on “Australia/Collectibles” and note what’s in the pane to the right of it, there “Trading Cards” used to be.

I’m betting it’s empty, which is why your item is UNKNOWN.

If you want to do a bit more research, check these:

Australia/Business & Industrial
Australia/Health & Beauty
Australia/Home & Garden
Australia/Sporting Goods

Probably also all empty.

It is unknown because it no longer exists. The list of sub-categories is the new list.

Hi Michelle,

it seems that eBay updated their categories so you have to re-select them.

At first, please refresh your eBay token in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts if not done recently.
Next, open the category browser and select “update categories” from the sprocket icon menu.

Does this help?

Regards, Kristian

What about the issue of bulk editing, Kristian?


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Yes. That did it. Thank you.

My only other question is the same one davidelliott is asking, about re-adding the categories back to my listings in bulk rather than 125 individual edits.

Here is a small animation that shows the process of bulk changing categories:

Excellent! Thank you!

That does not help me though Ilja. I have 1000s of items in different categories. It is only those with category ‘UNKNOWN’ that I want to change.


I had a similar problem too and the only solution was checking one by one. In my opinion implementing the search engine would be much useful for all, for example adding the possibility to look for a specific shipping/return/payment profile (this was my issue) or category as @davidelliott needs…

Does it work for you if you create a smart groupd with this rule?:

category number > is > 0

Regards, Kristian

Is there any similar way to set a smart group for those listing which lost profile? Or group listing from profile used?

After much trial and error I have worked out that the Primary Category Number is 868 has been allocated to those items with category ‘Unknown’. (At least it is for me).

smartgroup copy.pdf (18.6 KB)

Primary Category = 868 as a smart group will show only those ‘Unknown’.


PS. The box for the value in the smart group is much too small.

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