Why are my unsold listings going to trash?

Until today, my unsold listings always showed up in my active listings, and my smart folder I created for unsold listings, only the ebay icon was gray instead of green. Today I went to relist the ended items and they were nowhere to be found. I actually had to type the item into the search box to find them and they would then show up. When I went back to my lists and smart folder the ended items were not there. I used the update option in the toolbar on one of the ended items I found in the search bar and then all my ended listings showed up in the trash. Is anyone else having issues? It would probably be ok if they would populate into the smart folder, but it is too confusing to have ended listings in the trash with the actual trash.

Correction to my previous post, I meant to say blue icons as in active.

In the Launch Control Panel, which comes up when listing or re-listing items, there’s an option to move the original items to another folder. Maybe that was accidentally set to move old listings to Trash when used the last time?

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